Radar Data Extractor

RDE is high performance, software configurable radar signal processing unit transforming primary radar video output – from virtually any surveillance radar – into high quality digital prima-ry raw video data stream and/or plot/track reports suitable for processing by Surveillance Data Processor (SDP). RDE runs un-der Linux OS.

RDE performance parameters and interfaces make it well suit-ed for digitization of a variety of radar types such as:

  • Airport Surveillance Radar (primarily for APP and TWR)
  • Air Defence Radar
  • Vessel Tracking Radar
  • Ground Movement Radar
  • Meteorological Radar


  • Digital Raw Video Data stream in proprietary compress format
  • Plot / Track reports in standard ASTERIX format
  • Easy implementable into the existing system architecture,
  • Provides SNMP interface for Supervision & Monitoring systems
  • COTS hardware with embedded special-purpose Signal Processing Unit (SPU).