Precision Approach Data display

  • Dedicated for military GCA of aircraft occurring in a configurable range of sensors within controlled terminal area of airport.
  • Enables a display of tracks in horizontal and vertical view within the controlled area, display of static information (such as de-scent lines, safety limits, etc.).
  • MMI and visual display system is developed in compliance with military ATC procedures and can be further customized under the customer requirements. Features of advanced graphics as-sure an enhancement of the GCA controller performance.
  • Provides the GCA operator with tools for precision guidance of aircraft departing or approaching a runway by use of target in-formation displayed in both horizontal and vertical view of climb/descent path, thus enabling safe take-off/landing even in adverse weather conditions.


  • Display position of aircraft occurring within dedicated PAD range
  • Track processing – calculation of vertical and lateral deviations from glide path and RWY centre line, respectively
  • Indication of track attributes in the tar-get label or target list (Mode 3A; Mode C; Mode 1,2; WGS84 position; distributed height; call sign; speed; heading; etc.)
  • Display/suppression of target label under selected criteria
  • RWY configuration, active RWY selection
  • Distance measuring between any two points or tracks, or track-to-point