IXO System

a complete solution for airspace users

IXO SYSTEM represents a complex solution for an airspace users and providers looking for a product seamlessly integrating information on manned and unmanned aircraft operations in the sky and providing aeronautical information in real time to be shared to all airspace users. Through application of the latest regulations on flight planning, airspace usage conflict calculation, RPAS flight validation/clearance processing, manned/unmanned aircraft management, or aeronautical data provision. IXO SYSTEM presents a powerfull and multiplatform solution which satisfies requirements of ATM integrated and interoperable system while emphasis is laid on timely distribution of accurate aeronautical data.

Its objective is:

  • to provide information via Web interface to various users within and  outside ANSP network,
  • to satisfy needs of NOTAM Office, to maintain and exchange NOTAM information,
  • to grant demands of ANS providers,
  • to publish and update AIP information,
  • to provide ARO with an integrated flight planning information,
  • to provide RPAS (Drone) flights management tools,

in compliance with ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards

IXO SYSTEM is capable of gathering, processing and displaying aeronautical data received from a variety of data sources (such as AFTN/AMHS, EAD, AMC, NM B2B, weather stations, etc.) in a common air picture integrating manned/unmanned aircraft information of diverse users into one coordinated air traffic presented over 2D/3D basemap by use of Smart Layers concept.

IXO SYSTEM architecture is based on server-client model for a support of IXO SYSTEM SW modules, each of which is assigned to a specific airspace user group. Currently, IXO CLIENT  applications support following user groups:

  • Public Authorities (CAA, ANSP – NOF, SAF, ARO, FIS, SAR …)
  • Emergency service (Police, Fire brigade, Ambulance)
  • RPAS/UAV Producers/Integrators
  • RPAS/UAV Service Providers
  • VFR, IFR Aircraft Pilots – Integrated Web Briefing
  • DRONE (small RPAS) Pilots

IXO CLIENT contains a comprehensive set of flight planning functions for VFR, IFR pilots and ANSP users like ARO, NOF, SAR, SAF, FIS. Users can benefit from a safe and reliable management of air traffic including RPAS flights, while pilot users can take advantage of an ease of self-briefing from anywhere and at any time. Flight – related data is stored for investigation purposes or for its use later on.