ATC Data Display

ADD is a key element of the MMI in ATC operational environment. MMI and visual display system are built in compliance with international ICAO standards and EUROCONTROL recommendations.

Features of advanced graphics are implemented to ADD visual display of air picture exploiting various graphical tools such as map objects provided on base map. MMI provides tools for ease of flight control and flight-related characteristics calcula-tion. Flight controlling parameters, MMI appearance or map objects can be set-up by the user through a modification of configuration files.

ADD can be designed as stand-alone or network-based solution, thus applicable for any CWP at control towers, approach or en-route centers. Moreover, the user is provided with replay capability of recordings created within operational environment to enable events analysis, operational environment monitoring and personnel training.


  • Surveillance data display in various layers / levels
  • Configurable target characteristics presentation,
  • Flight data information, flight planning and airspace management,
  • SDO presentation under the AIP standards,
  • Current weather conditions, weather forecast,
  • Short-term conflict events (Safety Nets)
  • Multiple vectoring and measurement tools
  • User defined multiple profile sup-port