Provides a powerful means to create and manage ICAO and ADEXP ATS messages. It enables a receipt and transmission of AFTN messages in accordance with ICAO, Annex 10, Aeronautical Telecommunications, Volume II.

Optional SW Configurations:

  • TWR AFTN – designed for control ToWeRs
  • ARO AFTN – designed for Airport Reporting Office
  • NOF AFTN-designed for NOTAM Office

Product Extensions:

  • STAT Module – FPL management for flights’ reporting, bill-ing and statistic purposes
  • AEGW Module – AFTN interface to E-mail client
  • AUP Module – planning of flexible use of airspace (FUA)


  • Audible signal notifying a receipt of the message
  • Visual indication of message priority
  • Sorting of messages (received-, sent- messages, message queue)
  • Retrieval of messages as per search criteria (text-/sender-/category- and time- filters)
  • Print out of single/multiple messages or just message content (text)
  • Multi-Addressee List creation
  • Multi-Part Message handling
  • Request for METAR, TAF information in OPMET databases