Flight Data Operator Display

  • FDO for processing, maintenance and distribution of correct flight plan data, information from AFTN, OLDI and other sources
  • User friendly MMI – all documents used in ATC standard (flight Progress strips, FPL forms, labels etc. …)
  • Creation and implementation of FPL, FUA, NOTAM, SIGMET, METAR, TAF, maps & routes display(Map Win-dow), other APTs status
  • Identification of FPL status, FPL changes, FPL/FUA data input into strip/FPL form in compliance with ICAO, Doc.4444
  • Full pre-flight information for aircrews
  • Automatic upload – AFTN/OLDI, weather data, NOTAM etc.
  • Retrieval of existing plans and weather messages via criteria specified


  • Visual layout supports full customization
  • Local messaging and information system support
  • Comprehensive graphical status presentation of METAR, SIGMET,
  • Internal and external interfaces
  • Analytic tools for basic statistic requirements
  • Support for pilot briefing and flight planning