3R System

non-stop record & replay

3R – Non-stop record & replay system with Technical and Investigation Client

Record & Replay & InvestigatoR is an open and modular solution based on common HW and designed for filing, long-term storage and replay of audio, video & data recordings. Technical and Investigation Client (TIC) of 3R serves for analysis, monitoring and controlling of Recorders and Central Storage devices suitable for different users, e.g. ANSP´s Safety Department.


  • Shorter time of investigation files sharing across the team
  • Based on COTS HW components
  • Easy export of given sequence
  • Independent Data Display for surveillance data
  • Selectable channels for on-line monitoring

3R key features:

  • 365/24/7 operation
  • Linux-based software
  • Multi-source, multi-channel
  • Nonstop recording
  • All server processes are initiated automatically after operational system booting , and run on the background
  • Configurable retention period (per recording device and/or per channel), records quarantine and locking support
  • Time and/or meta-data record search capability
  • Central system configuration with configuration archive/history support
  • Advance user profile management, user permissions and user activities log system
  • Built-in monitoring and diagnostics (status, notification, alert), SNMP support
  • Selected channels on-line monitoring support
  • NTP time synchronized
  • Basic and Advance export and archiving feature (HDD, USB, CD/DVD)
  • Unlimited storage, Main/Backup storage support
  • Non-intrusive solution
  • Developed in compliance with ICAO Annex 10,11 and Doc 4444